FiveM Server - Downloadable Features

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FiveM Server - Downloadable Features

Post by J. Hughesman » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:48 am


I have decided to compile a few things that are not necessarily required, however they increase the overall experience playing here.
I take no credit for making any of the items listed below and am providing original links for them.

Map Zoom Data - Used to read our serverside map when zoomed in.
Modern Siren Pick - FiveM Resident.rpf
MVGA + NVR - FiveM Graphical Mod
Teamspeak Mic Clicks - Audio Mod to sound realistic

(This area is to simply list the proper authors who made these files)
Content Sources
Map Zoom Data - ... mbers/8717
Modern Siren Pack - ... vem/111867
Teamspeak Mic Clicks - ... teamspeak/
Natural Vision Remastered (Graphic Mod) - ... istic-gtav
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