Corruption Rules

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Corruption Rules

Post by J. Hughesman » Sat May 11, 2019 7:41 pm


Due to disputes over recent situations, we are establishing some ground rules on corruption that is allowed in-character.
If this is excessively abused, administrators will step in. RP Corruption at your own risk.
Keep in mind, these are only the rules, you can still be arrested or fired for these things in-character.

Low Level Corruption: ALLOWED
  • Violation of Traffic Laws.
    • Speeding, running stop signs, etc.
    • If abuse persists however, administration may step in to inform leaders In-Character
  • Corruption of Authority.
    • Releasing friends or other officers from minor incidents.
    • Leaking of information such as MDC records or police reports.
    • Minor bribery (excluding money).

Medium Level Corruption: ALLOWED
  • Unlawful Arrest
    • The arresting of an individual who is innocent of any crime (In-Character reason must be used for abuse of power, aka no random jailing).
  • Bribery
    • Taking a large amount of cash for more than petty crimes; these include get-out-of-jail bonds
    • Persistent abuse will cause administration step in.
  • Use of Illegal Substances
    • Minor use of controlled substances is allowed while off duty only.
  • Battery
    • Assault on someone that doesn't cause extreme damage or death.

High Level Corruption: NOT ALLOWED
  • Weapons Abuse
    • Using department weapons purposefully for the sole intent of DeathMatching/CK'ing/PK'ing.
    • Attempting to sell department weapons in any way.
  • Distribution of Illegal Substances.
    • Any amount over the legal limit of 'intent to sell' shall be considered corruption.
  • Selling/possession of illegal firearms.
    • This includes taking evidence from the storage room and selling/using for personal gains.
    • Using their weapons license to sell.
  • Direct criminal activity.
    • Being involved in any illegal faction (unless detective work).
    • Assisting in any crime (if minor enough, can be overlooked).
    • These include ANY felony
  • Assault
    • Aggressively attacking any individual with a direct intent to gravely injure or harm them.

High Level Corruption can result in a ban.
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